Domain Materne Haegelin & Daughter

For several generations, vineyards and wine have been an integral part of our family.

It was Materne and his wife Marie Elisabeth who built the winery as we know it today.

He passed on the value of work and the love of his land to his daughters, without seeing them as future winemakers. And yet!

In 1986, his oldest daughter, Régine, took the reins of the winery, joined in 2010 by her daughter Élise.

Thibault Garnier, Materne’s grandson, at work during the manual harvest.

The family has several parcels of land spread over emblematic terroirs: Pfingstberg, Spiegel and Zinnkoepflé, Hohnacker, Lippelsberg, Bollenberg.

Our vineyard has today a surface of 16 Hectares that we work in the respect of the vine and the living. The harvest 2022, the all domain will be in organic production.

The Grand Cru Pfingstberg, facing south-east in Orschwihr, rests, on the upper part, on a substratum of calcareous sandstone and micaceous sandstone.

Its lower part is made of clay and sandstone. This terroir is particularly suitable for Riesling and Gewurztraminer grapes. This Grand Cru offers to the wines a great typicity marked by very floral aromas. It produces wines with a great ageing potential.

The Grand Cru Spiegel located between Guebwiller and Bergholtz faces east. It lies on Oligocene substrates of conglomerates (mostly sandstone pebbles) and marl. Its soil is made up of a sandy-clay texture, favorable to the development of Riesling. Finesse and persistence on the palate are the main characteristics of this wine.

The Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé, facing south and south-east, is located on the hillsides of Soultzmatt and Westhalten.

Sheltered from wind and rain, this place benefits from a warm and arid micro-climate on a calcareous-sandstone terroir of the Trias with Mediterranean and Caspian flora and fauna. Our Gewurztraminer and Riesling grow very well here. This terroir produces Gewurztraminer wines with a rich, spicy and full-bodied bouquet, and Riesling wines with finesse and harmony. These wines are destined to become wines for aging and gastronomy.